The kitchen produces meals that are rich in flavour and many ingredients are made on the premises such as the bresaola,a salt cured beef, as well as the potato gnocchi with many dishes and sauces enhanced with the flavours of the fresh herbs from our home garden.

Other house specialties include seafood risotto, roast duck as well as offal dishes such as chicken livers or fried lambs brains while some of the daily specials,offer dishes such as Slow cooked Ducked Leg with Risotto Milanese and among many others.

Our desserts are all made on the premises including our gelato with some regular additions to include Tiramisu or Lemon Tart.

We have an extensive menu of Pasta,Risotto,Meat,Poultry and Fish dishes but are also conscious of dietary requirements and can offer Vegetarian,Vegan and Gluten Free options.

Gift vouchers are also available, please contact the restaurant for collection or we can send by email.

Function Menus 2023  
Ala Carte Menu 2023